Mission Statement

Eh, it can’t all be technical. Here are my personal thoughts of what I want school to be.


I want to work in a school where teachers . . . 

  • are the guides for learning, facilitators, and leaders of the community, supported by administration 
  • are valued for their specific skills and interests
  • work collaboratively (not just collegially), team teaching and sharing the responsibilities of planning and delivering in dynamic ways
  • work for an integrated work and life where teaching is a way of life, school is a big part of that, and there is no need to “balance,” “escape,” or “separate” work from life.
  • are part of the discourse of the purpose of school, not just the implementors
  • are focused on the students’ needs as a whole, not simply standards, paperwork, or individual student work
  • have the freedom to think, create, and relax

I want to work in a school where students . . . 

  • are partners in learning and leading
  • are valued for their background, prior skills and knowledge, and areas for growth
  • create their lives in the context of the school
  • are focused on the needs of the community and see themselves as a part of the whole
  • see their role in creating the culture of the school, not just reproducing knowledge or action, but actively producing and challenging it as well
  • have the freedom to think, create, and relax

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